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Honouring a Legend: Phil Dale Inducted as a Life Member

We’re thrilled to announce a momentous occasion in our club’s history – the induction of Phil Dale as a Life Member!

Phil’s journey with us began in 2011, and for a remarkable decade, he took the helm as Head Coach of NBBC, steering us through triumphs and challenges alike. Under his leadership, we witnessed a transformation from B Grade to A Grade, a testament to his unwavering dedication.

But it’s more than just wins and losses; Phil brought with him a visionary approach. He united all Senior players under one training roof, fostering camaraderie and support. His innovation created a pathway for our Junior players to shine in Senior Training, a legacy that lives on.

Even in the face of adversity during the COVID era (2020-2021), Phil’s commitment remained steadfast. He ensured our limited training continued, keeping our spirits high and our skills sharp.

Join us in celebrating this incredible achievement! You can watch Phil’s induction speech by Mitch Kennedy and his acceptance speech on our blog, “The Buzz.” Phil, your legacy is etched in our hearts and on the diamond. Thank you for your unwavering dedication and for being a true inspiration to us all. Here’s to many more years of baseball magic!

Inductee Speech – Mitch Kennedy, President

Thank you everyone for attending tonight. This year as a committee we have endeavoured to restart the induction of life members. The last time the club inducted a life member was in 2015.

Since then we have had a number of people come to our attention as being deserving of Life Membership.

The first individual we are inducting for 2023, is a man who came to the club in 2011, whose dedication, passion, and commitment to grassroots Baseball has enriched the fabric of the North Balwyn Baseball Club and left an indelible mark on the lives of its members.

During his tenure at North Balwyn Baseball Club, he became the longest-serving club coach and oversaw the club’s transition from B-Grade to A-Grade, where we have become one of the premier clubs in the A-grade competition, having numerous grand final appearances and finishing in the top 4 for the majority of his tenure. His ethos of strong pitching and defence has become a staple at the A1 and A2 levels and is something the club still embodies to this day.

Outside of the A1 and A2s he introduced a model for training where all levels of the club are able to train together, where new junior players are able to train with members who have played professionally or in college. This way of training is a testament to his love for the sport and his selfless devotion to the development of players and the betterment of the club.

Over the past decade, he has selflessly dedicated countless hours to coaching, mentoring, and nurturing young talent, instilling in them not only the skills needed for the game but also the values of teamwork, discipline, and perseverance. Under his tutelage, at least a dozen players have signed professionally to play in the US, and Europe, or go on to attend college.

His dedication to the club can also be seen during the COVID Pandemic, where despite the season being cancelled, and between the lockdowns he continued to run trainings, providing opportunities for members of the club to continue to train, socialise and better themselves in spite of challenging global circumstances.

With all of this in mind, you may have guessed by now who our first Life Member for 2023 is; can you all give a round of applause, for Phil Dale.

Phil Dale’s Acceptance Speech



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