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The North Balwyn Stingers

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59 Severn Street
Balwyn North VIC 3104


Winter Club
April - September

Seniors Baseball

Go Stingers!

Welcome to the North Balwyn Baseball Club’s Senior Men’s Teams – a force to be reckoned with in the world of baseball. With seven teams competing across various grades, our senior men’s program is all about winning, camaraderie, and pushing the boundaries of the game.

At the North Balwyn Baseball Club, our A Grade, C Grade, and D Grade teams are on a mission to dominate the competition. We have assembled a talented roster of players and a coaching staff that knows how to bring out the best in each athlete. Our goal is clear: to clinch championship titles and establish ourselves as the pinnacle of excellence in baseball.

In the highly esteemed Melbourne Winter Baseball League, our senior men’s teams go head-to-head with top-tier opponents, showcasing their skills and determination on the field. With a winning mindset and unwavering dedication, our teams are known for their strategic gameplay, exceptional pitching, and explosive hitting.

Led by a group of experienced coaches and renowned players, our senior men’s teams have the privilege of learning from the best in the business. Their expertise and guidance shape our players into formidable forces, equipping them with the skills and techniques needed to outplay the competition. We take pride in nurturing talent, developing players’ abilities, and creating a pathway for success.

Training sessions are a vital part of our senior men’s program, providing players with the opportunity to fine-tune their skills, build team chemistry, and prepare for game day. Our state-of-the-art facilities and resources create an optimal training environment, ensuring that our athletes have everything they need to reach their full potential.

Join us and be part of a legacy that celebrates winning, teamwork, and the joy of the game. Whether you’re a seasoned player looking for a new challenge or a passionate newcomer ready to make your mark, our club offers a welcoming and supportive community where players of all skill levels can thrive. Together, let’s continue our journey of success and leave a lasting impact on the baseball landscape.

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Season Information





All players wear:

  • Black Sublimated Jersey
  • White pants
  • Black belt
  • Stingers cap
  • Black undershirt 
  • Black socks 

All items are available for purchase through the club before the season starts, via TeamApp.

Training Tops and Hoodies are also available for purchase.


About Our Teams

Players must be 14 years of age to participate.

The North Balwyn Baseball Club value inclusion, diversity and access to all teams, activities and memberships.

The North Balwyn Baseball Club participate in the winter competition managed by the Melbourne Winter Baseball League (MWBL).