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Best Players Finals Awards: Celebrating Excellence Under Pressure

In the world of baseball, it’s often the moments of high pressure and intense competition that truly define greatness. The Best Players Finals Awards, a cherished tradition at the North Balwyn Baseball Club, honour those exceptional players who rise to the occasion when it matters most. These players demonstrate not only extraordinary skill but also unwavering composure, leadership, and a burning desire to bring victory to their team.

A1s – Semi-Finals: Jamie Young

In the heat of the Semi-Finals, Jamie Young emerged and delivered a grand slam with a sense of purpose that put it out of reach for Forest Hill. Although we didn’t walk away with a flag in the finals, We enjoyed the chase for the flag!

A2s – Semi-Finals: Frank Huang

In the pressure cooker of the Semi-Finals, Frank Huang emerged as the undeniable hero for our A2s team. His contributions were nothing short of remarkable.

Women’s 1’s “Hornets” – Grand Final Winners: Lara Watson

In the Grand Final, it was Lara Watson who stole the show for our Women’s 1’s “Hornets” team. Her exceptional performance on the field guided the team to a triumphant victory. Lara’s ability to rise to the occasion when it mattered most is a testament to her character and skill.

The Best Players Finals Awards of 2023 are a tribute to those players who thrive under pressure, who lead by example, and who make the North Balwyn Baseball Club proud. Their performances remind us that in the crucible of competition, true champions are forged. As we celebrate these extraordinary players, we’re reminded of the passion and dedication that make our club a family. These players embody the spirit of North Balwyn Baseball, and we can’t wait to see their future feats on the diamond.

Join us in saluting Jamie Young, Frank Huang, and Lara Watson, the Best Players Finals Award recipients of 2023. Your names are now etched in our club’s history, and your legacy will inspire generations to come.



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