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Saluting a True Icon: Andy Rose Inducted as a Life Member

It’s an extraordinary moment in the history of our club as we honour Andy Rose with the esteemed title of Life Member!

Andy’s journey with us began in 2007, and for an incredible 12 years, he graced our diamond with his presence. Playing a whopping 133 games and being a vital part of the 2007 B3 Premiership Team, his contributions on the field were nothing short of legendary!

But Andy’s legacy extends far beyond the diamond. For an impressive 12 years, he served as the NBBC President, guiding our club through highs and lows with unwavering dedication. His leadership was not limited to the committee; he took up various Coaching positions in the club.

Andy’s impact reaches even further – he was the driving force behind initiating the Camberwell Grammar School Program, a testament to his commitment to growing the sport we all love. And let’s not forget his role in spearheading the process of getting lights at Myrtle Park, illuminating our night games with brilliance! As if that weren’t enough, in 2019, Andy stepped up as the A2 Coach, further solidifying his role as a true leader on and off the field.

Join us in celebrating this incredible achievement – Andy Rose

Inductee Speech – Aaron Hines, Vice President

It’s my pleasure to introduce our next life member award.

Anyone who’s been around our club for the past decade certainly knows him and for those that haven’t, I’m sure you’ve heard the legend and lore! To be honest, he needs no introduction… but I’m going to give him one anyway.

Joining the NBBC in 2007, he spent 12 years as a player, clocking up 133 games and was a member of the 2007 B3 Premiership Team.

As the story goes – depending on who’s telling it he was either hand-selected or blindsided by Peter Canney at the 2010 AGM. He would be anointed as the new club President at the meeting and would go on to hold the role for the next 12 years.  When he took the reins, the club had only just stabilised a few years earlier and had a handful of senior and junior teams and had recently been promoted to A grade.

With a focus on further expanding club numbers, competing at a high level in A grade and building a strong grassroots junior system to support the future of the club, he introduced a new culture on and off the field

this included building a dedicated committee, bringing in experienced coaches, and attracting high-level players over the course of the next 10 years the club grew by leaps and bounds, expanding to its peak of 7 senior teams and 10 junior teams. He also introduced the Camberwell Grammar School Program, which was literally unheard of for a private school in our area to be able to participate in baseball as a school sport a program that is still going strong to this day with an average of 60 students registered to play each season!

It was also during this time that he led the process of the club getting lights at Myrtle Park which allowed the coaches to take training to the next level and ultimately saw the club – across all levels – competing in Finals and bringing home countless flags! More than just the President and player – he was a Junior Coach from 2012 to 2021, A2 Coach in 2019 and Base coach for the 1st from 2017 – to 2021 and a Self-Nominated Assistant Coach wherever a game of baseball was being played. 

A true steward of the game whose passion can only be described as ‘infections’ his dedication went far a beyond game day  he was at the club 3-4 days a week (sorry Resh) rarely missing a training session where you could always find him cornering someone to have a ‘chat about baseball’   anyone who’s been on the committee or a coach will have their own story of the ‘quick question’ phone call that lasted an hour (sorry Resh) and ultimately you always left feeling excited about baseball, the club or whatever idea he had at the time.

A lot of people come and go in a club but there are only a select few who take up the baton, and volunteer so much of their time and energy to the club and its community, so that we can all enjoy the game of baseball his efforts and vision for the club have and will continue, well beyond his tenure, and his contributions have set strong foundations for the next generation to come.  A pretty decent ball player- he was an outstanding president, and most importantly he’s a fantastic person, a good friend and a vocal leader for the baseball community.   On behalf of the committee and the entire North Balwyn Baseball Club, it’s my honour and privilege to induct the one and only, Andy Rose as a life member.

Andy Rose’s Acceptance Speech



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